Our Wish List

Donations do not always have to be in the form of money. We appreciate donations of physical means as well. Below is a list of items that we are always in need of.

Feed & Supplements
Acworth Feed Store Credit (www.acworthfeed.com)
Triple Crown Senior Formula Textured Horse Feed (50 lb bag)
Legends Fortified Pelleted Rice Bran (40 lb bag)
Legends Growth – Textured (50 lb bag)
Purina Miniature Horse and Pony Feed (50 lb bag)
Alfalfa Oat Pellets
Farnam SimpliFly (10 lb or 20 lb bucket)
Mare Magic
Omega Horseshine
Sponges (Large grooming sponges / Medicine sponges)
Equine First Aid / Supplements / Care Items
Strongid, Equimax or Panacur Single Dose Wormers
Mane and Tail or Cowboy Magic Shampoo and Conditioner

General Horse Needs
Hay Pillows (www.thehaypillow.com)
Jolly Balls
Parelli Balls
Mineral Blocks
5 gal Water Buckets (Fortiflex)
Corner Feeders (Fortiflex)
Manure Buckets (Fortiflex)
Lasko 20″ High Velocity Fans (Walmart.com)
Corral Panels
Riding Helmets (All Sizes)
Turn Out Blankets and Rain Sheets (Sizes from 70” – 84”)

General Barn Upkeep
Home Depot Gift Cards
Lowes Gift Cards
Horsetown Gift Cards
Gasoline Gift Cards
6′ Pressure Treated 4×6 Posts
12′ Pressure Treated 2×6 Boards
Push Brooms
Large Storage Containers with Locking Lids
Heavy Duty Rubber Water Hoses (50 ft or 100 ft lengths)
Extension Cords
Work Gloves (Assorted sizes)
Arena Footing (50/50 mix of river sand and M-10)